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My Story, Gods Vision, And The Blessing

Why do you want to open a Salon in such tough economic times? Other Salons are closing down…

Firstly, its due to faith. As Christians we believe in premonitions and instructions from our Lord, and this was nothing other than an instruction.

During lockdown, I was extremely frustrated by the fact that the hairdressers, beauticians and nail technicians were put in a situation whereby they could not provide for their families. A situation whereby the government outlawed their professions. My anger and frustration kept on building up and building up, despite the fact that I myself were earning my full salary and even received a bonus during lockdown, as my employer at that time was doing very well.

Because of the “control” the government had over the country’s people, and the “rebel” I never knew I truly was at heart, I did not sleep very well during lockdown. But one night I managed to fall asleep, only to be awoken at about 2am or 3am, not really sure of the exact time, with this overwhelming thought that I should open a hair salon and put some of these people back into jobs. That I should be the one to help them get back onto their feet after the setbacks which they were suffering during the lockdown.

This was a very strange thought to me because even though I am qualified in Business Management, owning a Salon was NEVER something I have ever thought of. But the feeling was overwhelming, unexplainable. The next morning, I woke up and the feeling was still there. I mentioned it to my husband and needless to say, he dismissed it without a second thought, being a business analyst, this was a crazy idea to him, after all, the salons were CLOSED, the court case to get the hairdressers, nail technicians and beauticians were still ongoing, and it seemed like they were fighting a losing battle.

On the 1st of July 2020 I was permitted to return to the office, and I was over the moon, this working from home which was a dream to some people was a nightmare to me, I needed to be in the office, but all hell broke loose. The stress was madness, I was the only senior in the office, management was home and the pressure kept on building and building! All the while, this feeling that I should not be there, and I should be opening a Salon kept on getting stronger and stronger…but still I did not listen!

WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!! At 20:17 on 15.07.2020 I was standing in the kitchen with my two children when I lost consciousness and fell straight forward and hit the tile floor face first and was out for almost 10 minutes, my daughter thought I had died, my 14 year old son turned my head sideways, opened my airways and started turning me into recovery position and my husband literally fell down the stairs rushing to my aid, as he thought I had, had a heart attack! Ambulance was called, and my blood pressure was very low, but I refused to go to hospital as it was that time when the hospitals were full of Covid patients and I wasn’t going to put my family at risk, as my husband had had a heart attack 6 years prior. I promised to go to the doctor the next day. Long story short…. I had a TIA….a mini stroke….still I did not listen to the instruction given to me, I continued in my normal work, and my employer. But my health kept on deteriorating. Eventually, I had to go and see a Neurologist, who then diagnosed me with an Aneurism behind my one eye on one of my main arteries, which can burst at any time, and it was also at this point that it felt like my head was being banged against the floor every day at work….


I begged my husband to run the numbers, over and over, and as he could see that I could not last much longer in a normal 9-5 job, he did, and he was astounded, and he came back with, YES, it will work, GO FOR IT!! So, here we are…. now for the second part of it….

The reason for the Salon opening is not for entrepreneurs such as us to become successful or wealthy by any means. What we know about hair and beauty is scary, honestly. But we believe that it was an instruction and therefore will work. We are opening this in an effort to change the current industry norms, i.e. Stylists not being valued for what they truly bring to the public, owner’s being rude and nasty to employees, Stylists not earning an honest wage and therefore not being able to apply for finance for a vehicle or a home loan, because of what the industry pays them.

This is so unfair! And needs to change drastically and quickly. Why should Stylists rent a chair? Why should they have to fork out any money in order to earn an honest day’s living? Hopefully, we succeed in our mission. Many of these employees are single moms going through tough times.

Lots of love

Hilome Jeffrey